orb candle holder

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The orb candle holder is a continuation of Daniel’s evolving investigation into simple, sculptural forms. This object serves a humble function – to hold a single candle and softly illuminate a space. Daniel designed this piece with domestic mobility in mind – the size of the object means it can be comfortably carried throughout the home and placed on various surfaces. We find that ours wanders from dining table, to coffee table, to bathroom sill, to bedroom sill, moving with the ritualistic flows of family life.

This piece is handcrafted for reclaimed Rimu and finished with pure tung oil and beeswax. If you would like a vegan-friendly finish on your candle holder (sans beeswax) please contact us via email and this can be arranged.   

Each object is entirely unique in both form and grain due to the variations in the reclaimed timber and the handmade quality of the form. These variations are immanent to the material of wood and symbolic of its complexity and beauty.

Please note that your piece may bear the traces of the timbers previous use (for example: nail holes, naturally occurring knots, minor splits and cracks). These irregularities and ‘imperfections’ are treated as a thing of beauty to be illuminated in the object – an expression of the materials history and long journey towards arriving at this particular form.

We hope that you enjoy this piece in your home as much as we do.

Approximate dimensions:
Diameter: 100mm
Depth: 40mm

Diameter of candle hole: 22mm (this diameter is a neat fit with a standard ‘national-candle’ table candle).

For detailed care instructions please refer to the care section in the website menu.