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This sideboard is inspired by the elegant minimalism of the late French designer and architect Charlotte Perriand. Perriand aimed to create simple, functional living spaces in the belief that considered design can help in creating a more fulfilled society. Perriand also insisted that one can work honestly in any material. This sentiment has, over the years, inspired Daniel to work with the much-maligned material of pine in his practice, with the aim of rendering this wood in a new light through honest and careful craftsmanship. Daniel has attempted to strip this piece to its bare essentials, omitting doors and a back in favor of transparency. Such design decisions aim to inspire uncluttered living and the considered consumption of material objects that occupy our living spaces and dwell amongst us.

This piece is handcrafted from solid quarter-sawn pine and features a tasmanian oak shelf. All material is ethically sourced from sustainable plantations in the Wairarapa region. This piece is finished with an environmentally responsible ‘osmo oil’, which produces a durable satin finish.

Please note that every sideboard is entirely handmade and therefore unique. This means that the color and grain of your made-to-order sideboard may differ slightly from the product images seen here. These variations are immanent to the material of wood and symbolic of its complexity and beauty.

(H) 560mm
(L) 1500mm
(D) 300mm

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